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Champion Cities Summit 2023!

"There are many talks about global challenges, yet only bold actions will bring change. Leadership is action. Our focus is on leaders and how to learn from them. Therefore, I sincerely invite you to attend the summit and share best practices of your cities to learn together."

Remigijus Šimašius

Mayor of Vilnius

About the Summit

Welcoming the 700th anniversary of Vilnius, we will start the festive week with the international conference "Champion Cities Summit 2023: Champions Think Bold", where mayors from Europe's leading cities will share their outstanding success stories and best practices of their cities.

Leading topics: urbanism, green cities, intelligent mobility, diversity, and education.

The conference is hosted in cooperation with Eurocities.


"Champion Cities Summit 2023" is an invite-only event for city leaders and developers seeking to bring the best practices and know-how home. The summit will spotlight the cities that achieved a breakthrough or significantly improved their situation in a particular area.

The conference programme will be dedicated to inspiring presentations, discussions, and networking to shape together what comes next for the cities and catalyse change through the collision of people, ideas, and strategies.

In the evening, we invite participants to take part in the networking dinner dedicated to Vilnius anniversary.

In the special panel dedicated to Ukraine, the stage will be given to examine the role of the cities' partnerships in mobilising aid for Ukraine. Panellists will share their cities' unique experiences in hosting refugees, mobilising support locally and globally, and cooperation with the cities of Ukraine.

Vitaly Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, is invited to take part in the panel and address the audience about what support and actions are needed to win this war.


Attend the Summit!

This summit not only aims to inspire leadership and bold ideas but also to emerge as a platform for strengthening international partnerships and dialogue - a place for sharing knowledge and best practices. Become a part of it!

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