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Even though Vilnius is turning 700, it’s still young at heart! The people here live against the beautiful backdrop of rich history and stunning architecture – the pillars that create the city’s distinctive face, heart, and pulse.

On the morning of January 25th, Vilnius will wake up celebrating its 700th birthday. The events in January will therefore be like the icing on the cake, and the Vilnius Light Festival will light up the city like the candles on that cake, compliments of Lithuanian and foreign light artists.

Vilnius is ready to celebrate – are you? Put your birthday hat on and join us!

More Reasons to Love Vilnius
#1 You’ll find more shades of green than shades of grey because Vilnius really feels like it’s part of a huge green forest. Parks, squares, and nature reserves in the heart of the city make Vilnius one of the greenest capitals of Europe! 

#2 Getting to most places in Vilnius is just a matter of walking for a few minutes. That’s why locals prefer walking, even though there are 35 different ways to get around the city.

#3 The whole of Vilnius is an open-air cafe with a UNESCO-listed view. Much of the city’s original architecture is preserved, with charming examples of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical styles.

#4 Vilnius is passionate about TechFusion. We even encoded the national anthem to DNA. Literally.

#5 Less classics and more rock ‘n roll? Dive into the selection of modern art museums the city has to offer.

#6 Switch from airplane mode to jet mode. Feel all those megabytes hitting your face while enjoying one of the fastest internet speeds on the planet.

#7 Because foodies gonna food. Vilnius’ vibrant food culture will satisfy any palate because every stomach deserves to be happy.

Everything you need to know about Vilnius’ urban development, from policies to planning tools

10 principles for quality architecture in Vilnius

Vilnius residents unite with Ukraine

At this extremely difficult time, the City of Vilnius is helping Ukraine and calls all residents of Vilnius to join its initiative. Anything works, even any method not mentioned here. On this page, you will find where you can get help or assistance, as well as other currently relevant information

Vilnius continues the strategy of Vilnius, the walking city

New quality streets for Vilnius and its residents. Vilnius City Council renewed the long-term Vilnius City Sustainable Mobility Plan until 2030 and designed it to change the traveling habits of Vilnius residents and facilitate the introduction of innovative traffic management solutions, such as quiet traffic streets. Vilnius street design manual: 12 rules:×15-press.pdf




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